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Hey, I was wondering what did you say or do on your american apparel application to get a job there? i would love to work there and I'm desperate for a job?! xxx

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first of all, don’t feel upset or anything like that if they don’t get back to you straight away! I had applied for AA about 5 times &+ I had been to an open call and still didn’t get the job!

For the online application I filled in my details, attached my cv and typed up a personal statement! (V’ brief only two paragraphs)
THE PERSONAL STATEMENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE APPLICATION!!! I can’t stress this enough! And the personal statement is a covering letter without your address on the top right corner!

In the personal statement I wrote about the company! It’s not about how great the clothes are and things like that but it’s about how you fit into the company but use the company to explain it! For example they talk about passion, innovation and ethical practices..use that to describe yourself!

I didn’t attach a photo (but that didn’t matter because they already had a photo of me from my open call interview), desired salary or a website/portfolio!
But if you are going to attach a photo to the application, I suggest you wear something basic like a plain tee, some high waisted jeans and jelly’s or sandals! And also include a headshot and 1-2 full body pictures!

I hope that helped and if you have any more question, feel free to ask! Good luck ✨🌸🌸🌸

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