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ahindrance asked:
so jelly that you work at AA :( How did you build up the courage to apply? Bc I know they have to approve of your look and that part has to be the most intimidating

don’t be jel :((((( it’s more than just having a pretty face and wearing nice clothes working there, it’s a lot of hard work and you MUST be willing to learn about the company!

Building up the courage to apply wasn’t for the online was for the open call I attended 3 weeks before applying online! For some reason all the hot girls and boys that you would think could work at AA came and I started to put myself down and thought ‘yeah, I’m not going to get it’. And I was right! I didn’t get a call back from the open call! But when I applied online, I did get a e-mail back from head office asking me to come for a interview later on that week!
The online application process is only scary if you make it scary! Have confidence in yourself, have a good personal statement and you’re good to go!

if you have any more questions, feel free to ask away🌸💫🌸💫

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